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Shaun Bellamy is a Canadian concert and film composer currently residing in Lethbridge, Alberta. Graduate of the University of Toronto M.Mus composition program he developed the CueTrack, a self-contained performance system for live electronics, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), that allows traditional musicians to easily perform new works combining acoustic instruments and live electronics. In addition, he graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2014 with his Bachelor of Music, studying under Dr. Arlan Schultz and Dr. D. Andrew Stewart. He is an avid writer of instrumental music and often combines acoustic instruments with electronic sounds. Regardless of the ensemble his creative output features primarily programmatic music, works based on a new or pre-existing narrative.


While at the U of L, Shaun developed “The Space for Musical Composition” (funded by the Ron and Joyce Sakamoto Award for Digital Audio Arts), a room that creates a unique musical work based on the actions of a participant in the room, as well as an augmented Alto Saxophone, which is able to manipulate the acoustic sound of the instrument through an attachable control interface, (funded by the Mentors in Creative Research Grant, led by Dr. D Andrew Stewart).


In film, Shaun has worked with independent directors and animators as a composer and sound designer. Most recently was the collaboration with Bryn Hewko, composing the soundtrack for his documentary Visualizing Agriculture.  He has previously worked with Charlie Christensen on his short film “Room for Rent” and Jean Pierre Marchant on “The Hitch-hiker”, presented at the 2015 Calgary International Film Festival.

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